WI Contact Form 7 Plugin for Elementor / WordPress

Marc Levy

Written by Marc Levy
October 20th, 2017 – Plugins & Tools

So i’m super excited to announce that we just launched our first public WordPress plugin for Elementor. It’s called, WI Contact Form 7 for Elementor.


Now to keep things short, this plugin allows you to easily design and use your contact form 7 forms through the native Elementor page builder interface. Seriously, designing great looking forms has never been so easy!

This plugin was co-developed at Angora Media, through myself and our design department, Webinside

The core features of this plugin are:

  • Design and edit all form elements using the native Elementor interface.
  • Easily choose a custom ‘thank you’ page redirect for each form you use. 

We’re going to be updating this plugin soon with even more features. Please let m know if you have any feedback!

Here is a random contact form I just created as an example for this post:


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