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Ello! WTF is Ello? I’m on Ello..
September 27, 2014
Ello is here

Ello, Ello.. So it seems the web (or at least the Online Marketing people of the web) have been blowing up over the last few days about getting an invite to Ello – a new social network which believes in privacy. That’s right, no ads, no tracking, recording or selling of data – sounds good right? Well i’ll let you make your own minds up and you can read more on their Manifesto page.

Say ElloNow not many people are on Ello yet and who knows if it will gain popularity, but you need an invite to get in currently. I have a few invites left so if you’d like to see it just ask me for one. However, before you do that, please note that Ello is just a little weird, with what I would describe as terrible¬†strange usability – in fact it is pretty painful to use in many ways and I think they’ll need to improve if it is to have any chance of success.

BUT.. after all that, I am kind of enjoying it at the moment, I wouldn’t say i’m using it heavily, but I am definitely drawn to it in some weird way and only time will tell if that continues to be the case.

Anyway, if you’re on Ello you can find and follow me here:

**UPDATE** Tips i’m learning along the way:

  1. General Usage Tips:
  2. You ‘can’ format your text posts, go here for a guide:
  3. Report Spam and Fake Accounts:
  4. Official Ello FAQ:
  5. Some information on Friends and Noise:
  6. Ello EMOJi CheatSheet:

Here is a full guide put together by @marktrephagen who has recently been heavily using and testing Ello.


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